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2017 Finalist

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2017 Finalist

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Our goal

Our goal is to provide transformational analytics geared at smart customer insights leading to predictive sales and service within your organisation. Our actionable insights are aimed at reducing costs and increasing revenues and keeping your most valuable asset happy – your customer.

Our Offerings


We live in the age of the consumer!

The voice of the customer has been amplified tenfold by the evolution of the mobile space and the advent of innovative technologies. Business is now conducted “at the speed of thumbs” and through the customer’s channel of choice that creates a memorable customer experience.

Continuously improving customer service and reducing customer effort, is key to growing and retaining customer value and increasing revenue. To achieve this companies, need to monitor real time customer interactions with analytics and respond effectively to their customer demands

Our goal is to provide transformational analytics that is geared towards smart customer insights, that will lead to predictive sales and service within your organisation

Our actionable insights are aimed at reducing costs and increasing revenues and keeping your most asset, your customer, happy

Genii Analytics are a team of Analysts, Data Scientist and Operational Gurus with vast experience in the customer service and sales arena. We took this passion for customer service and sales and turned it into a set of business tools and services for our customers

Our Solutions

How we do it

Insights derived from customer interactions are powerful.

Analyzing these interactions across all channels provides invaluable data and information to develop insights that lead to transformation and improvement of service and sales.

At Genii, we mine Insights aligned to your business objectives using BI and analytical tools. Our tools consist of a combination of in-house developed and off-the-shelf software, built into our Genii platform. Our Genii platform’s architecture was built using the latest technologies, best practice methodologies and frameworks.

Insights-as-a-Service provides an immediate answer to the ever-growing demand for information and analysis.

We also provide the tools and services to build, run and manage your new data landscape. Through our various solutions Genii helps you evolve from Business Intelligence reporting, through to the implementation of data science assets to power your digital, pro-active and robotic strategies.

Our various solutions include:

  • Customer Service Analytics: Improve Customer Experience
  • Transformational Analytics: From Data to Action
  • Transforming BIG Data to SMART Data
  • Predictive Analytics: AI modelling
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Proactive Customer Care

Our Platform and Technology